Derelict Railway Station

this started life as a model of a railway station I played at as a kid. Actually, most of the superstructure, and the rails had gone by the time I played there, so there is some artistic license here.
I think this is nearly done, but I need to sit back and think about it a while before doing anything else.
I have to say I love geometry nodes.


It’s getting really good, I’d work more on the lighting, I’d use an HDR to create a late-afternoon mood, the shadows less marked, I think it’ll add volume and more life to the image.

I did try some HDRIs but I couldn’t find one that worked. This is the sky generator with some ‘clouds’ to throw the appropriate shadows. Initially I went for a more ‘daytime’ look , but it seemed very flat.
I feel that the image seems a bit sterile, like it needs a focus. The derelict wagon was put in to try to provide this, but it didn’t really work. I might try changing the camera angle a bit, or moving the wagon closer, or something. I’m not sure.
I keep thinking if this was a real photo, why would I have taken it, if you know what I mean.