Desactivate "Zombie Object!" message?

Hi, im using the build of HG1 of blender 2.68 and for some reason when i use a group in the console appears the message "Zombie Object"(i know this message is not a error) the problem is im using much groups, and i need the console clean when i`m making scripts(for see the error) and that message is annoying, it is possible to remove? Sorry english.

Disable “Debug Properties” in Properties->Scene->Display->Debug Properties.

if you talk about this:

deactivating or activating, the “Zombie Object!” still appears. Sorry english.

Make the object that is showing the debug not show the debug?

I remember this one. did you work on the same file with 2 or more versions of blender ?
try to append your objects in a 2.68 blank file, by groups, and run between each append to check if you still have the warning.

This is an error, disabling the debug wont change a thing! You must eliminate the cause of the error! You can’t choose what errors to display unless you run an exception line. Also some messages just come automatically, like when you spawn an object using LibNew.

A zombie object is one which has been removed from the scene, but still holds a Python reference. In other words, its a bug in your code somewhere.

i would not say that becouse you get an zombie object verry easy.
use addobject, and remove the added object and you get a zombie object.

I think is a bug, the build of Hg1 have a patch for can use constraint in groups(must have something to do with it), if i put only a simple cube without logic or scripts, i received the message:

Sorry english.

If a activate the option “parent of group” in the group, only appears a single message of “Zombies Object!”