Deselected objects still being shown in local view

Hi guys, So I thought I was a reasonable person, a little above average intelligence and not particularly sensitive. But Blender is proving me wrong on all of those points.

My problem is: I am selecting two objects, then going into ‘local view’ mode by pressing ‘’. I then deselect both objects by hitting ‘A’. I then select only one of the objects. I exit ‘local view’ by pressing ‘’ and the rest of my scene appears again.

The issue is that I exited local view with only one object selected with the intention of re-entering local view with just the one asset, but when I exit local view it re-selects both objects.

In reality I am working with about 40 objects that are hard to select so I intended to box select them, isolate them to make it easier to deselect the ones I don’t want then re-enter local view mode but it’s not working this way.

Is there a better way to do this? It’s driving me to distraction.


Hard to say what is going on here without either a blend file or even a screenshot of what exactly is going on. Are the individual objects or were they all created while in edit mode? If in edit mode they will all be considered the same object and when switching between object view and edit mode it will look as though they are all being shown. You can object select in edit mode if they are individual objects but all created in edit mode by hitting ‘L’ while hovering over the mesh to select the whole mesh then hit ‘H’ to hide it and it wont be seen till you hit Alt + H to unhide it. You can also do the same with parts of a mesh as well if the mesh starts making it hard to work with and see what is going on.

If these are truly separate objects, use the Outliner to select the one you want to see in local view. Should be easier than trying to navigate a complex 3D scene.

Hi guys. So I had a few hours away from the desk and came back fresh and I believe it’s just a feature and how this works in Blender.

I had 50 bricks to select but only wanted a third of them selected randomly. I didn’t want to have to select them manually and had a full scene around them which made selecting difficult. I thought I could box select them all in object mode, isolate them in local view and then deselect the ones I didn’t want, exit local view and re enter with only the ones still selected.

When you come out of local view it re selects all the objects you went in to local view with automatically which makes it useless for this technique. It’s not an issue as I did the same thing with another layer it’s just not how I expected it to function as isolation mode in 3dsmax only retains the selection you currently have it doesn’t return to what it was before you entered isolation mode.

It was frustrating and I’d still like to be able to do this how I intended it to work but I’m sure in the future I’ll be glad of the feature at some point.