(Mattakkione) #1

Hi! Very basic and stupid question:
is there any key assigned to the DESELECT function like in any sane software?
IE: in object mode I need to merge 3 object but I pick the wrong one I then need to deselect it, not using SHIFT bcs it’s a crowded area and if I SHIFT click on the one I need to deselect it ADD another (or more) objects to my current selectio.


in EDIT mode after “C” selecting a group of vertices I need to get rid out of the selection of 1 or 2 vertices in a crowded area and SHIFT is only adding to the mess while I want to “hard” deselect.

Hope it all is making sense :slight_smile:


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(Jason van Gumster) #2

FWIW, if you’re in Circle select (C), you can paint deselection with the middle mouse button.