Desert Buggy - Update #5 on Page 2 - June 8

Very early work.



so, that is the rear axle? where does the driveshaft come out?

Yay! Another one of your projects, it’s gotta be good.

more pics!!!

looks really good! need more images!!

Interesting starting point! :wink:

SLight update:

Actually, it is the front axle. You will see the mechanical workings later on.

Well, we will see about that.

Look above. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to start some where. :smiley:


hey dude how did you render it with yafray or blender internal raytracing or no raytracing???

looks like it is going to be awesome

Blender raytracing with AO and 1 area light.


Looks good so far, waiting to see more of it.


looks great.

Another small update.

Getting there slowly, but surely. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet :o

Such detail, dang!


Now I recognize it!

It’s a lawn mowing machine :slight_smile: !



Looks good so far. But not sure how it’s a buggy yet :-?

And another update:

Starting to take shape now.

LOL! No. No grass cutting with this one.


I love it, it’s very BgDM’ish.

Updated again:

I switched back to standard 3 point light setup and no raytracing or AO. Render times were getting horrendous. Will do raytracing and AO lighting on final.


Now it actualy looks like a buggy :smiley: Great job.

Nice job!

I was really having trouble seeing the layout before this render.

Looks good.