Ѯ" Desert Dance !

hi everyone ,

simple project titled as " Desert Dance"

dance !! actually i have no idea how is the name coming from! :cool:

anyway i used Blender (internal) + Photoshop Cs2

print screen

Making Off


C & C more than happy to hear …

best regards .

take a look at this ref image:

the shape and texture of the dunes are off.

But good concept, though the “sunrise in the desert” thing needs more thought to it (e.g. the sky should have pretty clouds and violet hues), and some more cactuses and other details would be nice

Now, are we looking at a view up a mountain?

Everything looks real except the dunes, they are round, and the texture you used to do the little bumps looks really low res, up the “Noise Depth” scroll box, or make it smaller.

If you want dunes, I found a great way to get it:
Add a Stucci texture, do “Wall Out” and “Hard Noise” Works great.

Now for using bump textures, I found it looks better if u subdivide your surface and add a Displacement Modifier with a SubSurf Modifier(If it looks weird, use the arrow to move it above or below the Displacement Modifier, makes a huge difference.).

thanks alot guys for your comments …

hope i will improve my work next time .

Making Off