desert eagle matte chrome

hey all!
I am trying to create a nice realistic matte chrome material for my desert eagle model. So far I don’t think I have accomplished much and that is why I am turning to you guys for some help. Any tips on how to improve the material are welcome.

I haven’t used any reflectivity so if you think it is necessary to achieve good results tell me.


I’d say add some roughness to the texture. I know it’s matte chrome, but it’s still a little too clean. Well, more accurately, what are you going for? A gun that’s been used before, or something fresh out of the box? If it’s supposed to be fresh and new, then you’ve nailed it, but if it’s supposed to look like it’s been fired a number of times, a little bit of wear here and there would do wonders, especially around the ejector port.

It’s be nice to age and wear it a little. The problem is I am not really good at it and and I don’t know how to get to it. Any tips?

Well, the polycount-friendly way I would do would be to add small amounts of wear and scratches to it through the textures. As for actually doing something to the mesh or something, you’d be better off asking one of the more experienced people, I’ve only been at this for a few months.

The mesh is complicated enough as it is. Some nice bump maps would be best to add a few scratches. I only don’t know whether to try playing with procedurals or rather look for some images on the net.

Hmm, I’ve built a Game model desert eagle, I think maybe removing the subsurf or whatever you have active that gives round edges. In my opinion the desert eagle was quite weapon to build, quite hard but I finished it.

Anyhow, the model looks to “soft” because of the subsurf (I’m assuming you have active). Otherwise, not bad work. For game models you might want to think of lowering polygons to a reasonable level, subsurf can sometimes become quite bad depending on how the model was built.

You can maybe also try using loop vertices or doubles to get the neat mean desert eagle look. :slight_smile:

As soon as I read your reply I examined my model closely and noticed an extra solidify modifier on the slide of the gun: the reason for the round edges. Dunno how it got there :slight_smile:

As for subdivide, it is there and I think it should be since completely sharp edges would make the model look very unrealistic imo. It is not meant to be a game model.

Here’s one more close up render. i think the edges are fine this time.


Yeah, that makes it look much better. Still could use some wear, but it looks 100% better nonetheless.

I agree with GroxGlitch, that looks already a lot better. :smiley: Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Modelling is sweeet.

This tutorial is pretty handy for getting a general idea of texturing wear, dirt, grime etc. (I’d definitely do it with textures myself.) I know it says ‘game artist’ but the techniques are pretty universal.

As for reflections, all the reference pics I’ve seen of these guns don’t have crazy mirror finishes, so if you do use a reflection map I’d keep it subtle.

Keep at it.

Thanks for the comments and the link to the tutorial. I will give it a look and try to improve what i managed to accomplish by myslef.

Below’s a render showing some wear and tear.


I suggest using a different render engine.

Well blender internal is exceptionally fast. Although I can only compare it to Lux and I don’t have much experience with that one too.

Looks good, dude. Looks really good. After looking at the last render, I can’t really find any other issue with it. Some of the scratches look a bit heavy, but hey, the gun’s .50AE, you’re likely to chuck the sucker a few times after firing it xD

After a few more tweaks I think it is finished. What do you think? :slight_smile:


Really good, It kind of looks like plastic though :frowning:

Dude, looks great, but you forgot the sights, unless you like to spray and pray. And it does kinda look like plastic, so you need to make the specular highlight smaller.

How about now? I changed the diffuse color a bit as the ramp contained white which increased the specularity effect. I also switched to tangent shading. I ahve looked at it for so long now and went through so many variations that everything looks equally bad or good for me so please comment :slight_smile:


Fantastic work my friend :slight_smile:

Much improved on the metal material, but it still needs sights, and to me it seems like there is a bit too much light inside the barrel, mabey the a.o. is a bit too high?