Desert Eagle - New to PBR texturing

(Dan80) #1


I hope this is not too much of Substance Painter project to be allowed on this site, but I would really love to get some feedback on this project. The model was modeled in Blender (high and low poly) then exported to Painter and the normals were baked.

As the title indicates I am new to PBR texturing and I recently brought the Substance package and for that reason I still don’t feel like I am ‘doing it right’. When I compare my model to other guns I find that my texturing looks too procedural and ‘general’ even though I spent a lot of time painting custom scratches and fingerprints.

I cannot really figure out what I am doing wrong and I hope you can help me out and maybe give me a couple of tips and tricks.

Thank you!

(appie.123) #2

I know you are looking for critisism, but I honestly think youre texturing is sublime.
Maybe you shouldn’t focus to much on the work of others an be less critical towards yourself.

(Dan80) #3

Well, thank you!
You might be right, but actually I don’t think it is bad being very self-critic. It makes you do your absolute best to improve your project.
Anyways, really glad you replied.

(appie.123) #4

yeah you’re right about that.
Could you maybe post your node setup?

(mcurt09) #5

Nice job. This looks great. To be critical, I think that overall the wear could be much less homogeneous. All of the edges are worn equally and very precisely, such as the edges on the slide release. It needs some variation in scale, and a bit more blending between edge-wear and painted metal. A couple stand-out large scratches or worn areas would help. It’d be better to see a rendered shot, but this is very good and procedural-ness is only noticeable when looking real closely.

(Dan80) #6

Hmm, I made it in Substance Painter, so there isn’t really any node setup to show. I can post the PBR textures if you want to see them.

Thank you. Oh, yeah, I see. The strokes I did by hand look almost identical to the generated stuff - So the work I did by hand didn’t really add variance in scale for instance. Yeah, I think areas with custom wear would help a lot. Right now it looks like I mostly just used an edge wear generator. Really appreciate the feedback, thanks!