Desert Eagle

Hey there.

This is my first render upload since I’ve been absent (for many, many months :slight_smile: )

That was my first render of the Desert Eagle, with a texture near the back, but I didn’t like it, so I took it off:

Various updates from then on, peruse to your liking:

Please tell me what you think of it, and what I should add/change.

put an anistropic brushed metal tex on that baby. great modeling

Good idea! Now I just have to figure out what an anistropic brushed metal tex is :smiley: (or, at least, anistropic)

anistropic is a description of the linear specular highlights that most metals (especially brushed metals) have. search the forums for anistropic metal and you’ll see… some people’s I saw recently look pretty amazing

Hm, I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything.