Desert Explorers

Now they’re in the desert Wheeeee!


Maybe we can send some Mars rovers into the deserts to explore where humans don’t want to be.

I expect we’re all trying to do just that right now:-)

We could make the Gobi rover, the Sahara rover, and the Antarctic rover.

Nice start for a proper render. I only got some points. The grass is for a desert environment pretty green. The little tree grows on the rock or behind. The main theme are the drones. Maybe they need a bit more mass. More upfront at least the first one. Very nice work though.

Thanks for the input ARG3D, But I have lived in desert regions before, there are green grasses, and I’ve seen trees and small bushes growing out of rocks and shear cliff sides The drones are at a sense of scale to the location, everything has to flow and balance, but it is a WIP, allways more to add, nothing is ever “finally” finished hehe:-)

I understand what you say. I never been in a desert area so it’s what i think is a desert setting and i know not much about that. What i do know is that you got some impressive rocks. Nice.