Desert Grave

This is (supposed to be) a multiplayer map for a an FPS game.

Desert Grave is a rocky box canyon that fits into the desert biome. It features no plant life due to the extreme climate. This multiplayer map features an asymmetrical layout favored for use in gametypes such as capture the flag. Contained in this map are two bunkers that vary greatly from each other, multiple small box canyons, two short tunnels, and lots of large rocks jutting out from the ground.

Don’t even bother telling me about the cliff texture, I know its bad.

(I’m not attaching pictures, instead I’m just linking them)
Assault Spawn 1

Assault Spawn 2
Bunker 1
Tunnel 1
tunnel 2
Defence Spawn/ Bunker 2

Sorry to say but this does not look finished.:no: As you said yourself work on the textures they suck and need improvement especially since the level is so plain. What FPS is this for? Cause the map doesn’t really look that intersting on the pics.