Desert House

I was working on this house for a project, my original idea was a house alone in the desert with no plants, but it looked odd… so i used a tree and a plant from 3Dmax that I imported as objs… I made a kind of Z depth map to use in photoshop and made some color corrections.

well I hope you can give me some feedback :slight_smile:


uh…well done?

(you might want to show the image)

Yeah I don´t really know why it didnt show up…

Looks very cool.
One thing i might add: the depth of field here looks wrong. You have the model in focus then the trees in blur and the sky in focus again. Camera lens does not work that way .

Hi. I havent actually been to a dessert, but i guess it is less cloudy there?

So i changed the bluriness and the sky as sugggested Still now i fell theres something missing…