desert landscape

(stephen2002) #1

The pictures on the web page were made in a combination terragen and Blender. However, the only thing that came from Terragen is the shape of the landscape. The landscape texture was made using the T_texture plugins (those things are great!) and the sky was made using a clouds texture and the colorband.

the pictures page:

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(S68) #2


Do you mean with ‘combination’ that you terragen, then export and import in Blender?


(stephen2002) #3

Yes, I used terragen to create the shape of the landscape (the hills) and then imported it into Blender. There are no terragen rendered elements in the image.

(malefico) #4

Cool desert. I like the first and last picture the most.



(SKPjason) #5

Really neat work man, impressive. I was especially taken away by the nice misting going on in the background of your hi-res pic#3.

Amazing. And aren’t those T-Textures just the tits. Love 'em.


(Sebasthos) #6

What are T_textures, if I may ask?

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I posted the same question recently :slight_smile:

Look at malefico’s thread on this :wink:


(Cativo) #8

Looks really nice. I like the sky…