Desert planet

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Hi all!

I added a new pic to my gallery. This image ist NOT made with Blender.


(blengine) #2

pretty damn cool dude, what did u make it with??..amazing atmosphere to say the least… i love scenery pics of other worlds that have huge suns and a moon next to it! thanks fer makin my day better

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give us more info :slight_smile:


(Xtra) #4


This image was made with Vue 'd Esprit 2 but the final render was a little bit boring. So I used Gimp and its filter tools for this kind of atmosphere. Finally I croped (or cropped?? My English is bullsh*t) this pic to get this ‘cinema scope’ effect.


(S_W) #5

Great work!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Perhaps you could also add something like a big space station under a hemisphere or something like that…

Ich empfehl dir den Babylon Translator.
Der hat zwar einen dicken, fetten Banner im Fenster (andere, illegale Möglichkeiten sich die Vollversion zu holen wollen wir jetzt mal nicht hier weiter ausbreiten…), aber dafür kann man sich alle möglichen Sprachen runterladen und auf Mausklick ein beliebiges Wort übersetzen…
Kann nie schaden, vor allem nicht für so verflixte Kleinigkeiten :wink:

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Hi all!

Thanks for your positive ratings.

S_W: yes, I could add some more details, but in this case I thougt ‘less is more’. Besides, if a space station in an orbit should be visible, it must be huge!

Regarding Babylon: unfortunately it doesn’t run with Linux so I have still to use my dictionary. :slight_smile:


(valarking) #7

looks pretty good, 'cept the atmosphere needs work.