desert scene

i decided to make a scene in desert.
so here is my work in progress:

please don’t criticise the desert, i know it looks horrible.
please look at the face in the front and camera angle, etc.
honest critique would be great.

The best of the whole scene is the desert.

-The sky looks like a blue paper.
-The “face” looks more like a strange mountain than a human face.
-The “hair” looks a bit weird.
-The sun is a bit confusing.

Ok… I have to say that the reflaction on the “skin” looks good but a bit dry.

You should delete the “face”, add some clouds to the sky and the scene would be a simple comic styled desert scene.

Well, honestly it looks like you did your best with the sculpt tool for the face. I recommend looking up tutorials on modeling faces, there are quite a few out there, and you wouldn’t have to model the whole head, just the mouth/nose area. Your particles for the hair are too coarse and do not taper. Your texture and specular map for the face are also very coarse and the transition between the shiny areas of the skin and the dryer areas are very abrupt. This article on making skin textures, Gimme Some Skin, is very thorough on the steps involved for making convincing skin textures. It is not application specific. So you will have to learn (if you do not already know) how to perform the steps involved within Blender. I used it to pretty good effect and you can too, I’m sure. Right click on the .pdf link and select “Save As”. The actual skin textures used in the tutorial are also available on that site.