Desert stuff


I’ve been working on this image for a couple of days now. I feel like it still needs some improvement, but my inspiration is running out. If you have some constructive feedback, I’ll be happy to hear it.


There is no “fixpoint” for my eyes ( something i can focus on ) the plain seems to far away and too small to do this job.
So its more composition problem … everything else seems very well done and looks very realistic, keep it up Zagupi :slight_smile:

Add something in the foreground or bring the plane closer.

The desert surface just isn’t doing anything for me, just looks too… well flat. :frowning:

Loving the vegetation though!

I do not agree with the other comments, I like the modern composition, there is more parralell lines than perspective, so there is no need of foreground of point to fix on. The horizontal colors are doing all the work.