desert warehouse level

Just one screen for critz, closest building isnt made yet, prolly gonna make it a porta-building.:RocknRoll:

level has generators, a warehouse, good textures with specular and normal maps, with different shaders for metallic type materials vs. wooden type, or plastics.

one hemi lamp for ambient light, and multiple spot lamps with glsl shadows with 4096 pixel count shadows.

boxes and crates as rigid bodys, gonna model barrels soon.

altogether its at a v-count of 30670. :evilgrin:

nice ! Good start.

Mist covers all sins :wink:

finished the bunkers :evilgrin:

also made an empty append scene where it links different blends into one main scene…

It looks nice, although I think 30,000 polies is way to much for this scene :P. I would try and make it have less, that way you can have more detail on the buildings and such :). A good start though, can’t wait to see what sort of game this is in :).

actually, it runs great at 120 fps, since theres linked files, it actually runs faster than if it were to have it all in one file

its also at about 56000 now

Sure, it may run fast on your computer, but once you add enemies, logic, all that sort of stuff then the Fps will definitely go down. Just based on the pictures it seems like there must be unnecessary geometry, maybe once I get a closer look in-game I’ll see where it all used lol :D.

Interesting comment about the linked files though, I wonder if someones done tests to show how much faster it is :slight_smile:

Also, you have to think about older computers as well. I made the mistake with one of my competition entries, where i was making it on a super amazing computer, but then put it on the judges computer and it could barely run! Try to test it on older hardware, helps find places where you can optimize it :).

I like the look of the town though, its definently some of the better visuals I’ve seen in blender :).

Are you using a high subsurface level for the powerlines and round objects, because a lot of games even today wouldn’t have that polygons in such a small area and there are more reasons to be smart with polygons than just FPS (file size, load times, and physics overhead for example).

i actually just found a reason, the actual corrugated metal was actually corrugated, i reduced the poly count to around 40,000 and it runs way smoother now in game. no there are no sub surf modifiers, the only modifiers i have are edge split on objects like the bunkers where i want some smoothness, but i think the overall file size is pretty big because of textures. i have 3 per material, and 15 different materials.

lol my computer is a dell with windows vista with a compatibility pack for XP, 2 gigs of RAM and it runs fine, its all in how you archive the file together and how you produce the final project file. yes archiving makes it run waaaayyy faster, the main append file has only a player that can walk around in it, everything else, the props, buildings, power lines, etc. are all linked in one main folder, making the computer do the work in the background while the main physics and game are played with max framerate.

okay i found the real problem, the ground was subdivided a bunch so i could put holes in it for the bunker entrances, took care of that, its now at 27700 polys, heres a vid, sorry for the quality i promise it works much faster without the stupid cam studio taking a measly five frames a second.

heres a vid i did with my eyetoy so you can see the framerate better, it cuts on the actual framerate in game but it better shows the speed of the game, better than cam studio anyway.

i wish people would see the greatness in store for them…