Desert Warrior

Modelled in Blender
Folds done in Zbrush and exported to Blender for render as bump map.

Inspired by a book cover.
Enjoyed modelling this one and learned a lot about Blender in the process. Hope you enjoy.

EDIT: Just discovered Environment lighting in Blender and I’ve uploaded a new version.


nice work, you need to work on your lighting though :slight_smile:

wow! :smiley: that is totally cool, love the cape, and sword…

i agree with bat3a, though - it would need a bit more light…we can’t see enough of the awesomeness :smiley:

I don’t see the desert?

You’ve done an excellent job modelling this character :yes: But like Atom said, it’s a shame we can’t see him in a nice environment.

Thanks a lot for the nice comments. I take the point about the lighting. Would be nice to add a sky-based lighting in the background. I’ll do a search for tutorials - but grateful if you have any pointers?

Angular Maps are a great way to add a sky that moves with the camera.