Another Pic i made while the last days.
I know usually Palms dont grow like this ones in the Desert, but i thought the green fits great into the yellow landscape. Also i know theres a Problem with the direction of the Shadow and position of the Sun. I worked on it for 4-5 hours over 4 days.

Rendertime is about 20 Minutes, Resolution is 1280x720pxl. used Software : Blender & GIMP ( for the lensflare )
No Generators or Scripts.
So, here it is :slight_smile:

Thanks for Wachting :slight_smile:

very nice. pretty colors. i added it to my fav’s. could use maybe a snake track, and something of interest stuck in the sand.

Nice… Simple and nice.

Very nice! :slight_smile: I would so love to be able to do that…Id recreate Assassin’s Creed type stuff.

Cool. I would lose the lens flare if I were you though. And as you mentioned change the shadows direction.

But other than that, nice image. I love the palm branches, they have a nice ‘soft’ look.

Textures look too flat, a little more bump would do the job.
I don’t know, doesn’t cut it for me.

The edges of the sand dunes look strange, they certainly dont look like real ones. Quite nice overall, and yes, the lighting is incorrect for that sun flare.

The palm look very good, and the “old picture” effect is not overdone. A nice image.

Very nice, but how much you made with other softwares? (you know, tree generator, gimp, photoshop…)

I agree the flare isnt the best…however I like the textures and color 4 *s from me just fix the flare and maybe change the world bakcround a bit and id give it 5 - Good Job!

I only used Blender and GIMP ( lensflare )
No Tree Generators or scripts.

Thanks for Comments :wink:

Thats beautiful !!

Im seeing some pretty intensive artifacts, especially on the background. Vertical lines. What is that about?
Other then that and the lens flare great job.

I’d suggest removing the lens flare.

That’s a very nice image. The sand texture is excellent, and I love the feel to it. Palm trees look great too.