Hello, I’ve done this image using blender 2.69, Gimp for Color corrections and for “Drawing the Sky” and PicsArt for the Lens flare.



Does the Arabian Desert have cacti?

NO… we dont have that in our desert… Not like the huge giant things you see in the wild west american movies… nor the little flat pad cacti you see around houses… we have imported little cacti to use in landscaping, but native plants in our deserts, no…
There are desert type plants though… We have a type of scrub brush, that reminds me of tumble weeds… They grow in a ball off the side of roads and anywhere there might be a bit of moisture… Then when they mature, they dry out and break off and blow around the desert and onto highways, looking just like tumble weeds…
…not sure how is it in the desert but there is a city in saudi arabia, in the mountain called Taif and they have cacti there …
I havent seen cactus in central Saudi. So if it does exist, its nothing you see when, say, driving your car in the middle of a desert.
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