Deserted legomen

Yay, had once a again too much freetime at work so I decided this time to try something different.

Basicly I modeled and sculpted the scene in 1 hour and after that just put very basic lightning and rendered it out. After that I opened it in photoshop and really tried to push it as far as I could in another hour :slight_smile: So basicly what I did was a ton of masking with gradients and some paintovering over the original image. In the end modeling + post-pro combined took two hours of work.

Personally I am pretty satisfied with the workflow, I really feel like people spend too much time on 3d-softwares instead of just doing things in post-pro. Obviously this kind of workflow aint possible for animations, but for stills I find it very suiting.

Final result:

Before and After:

I’d really like to know what you guys think about more post-pro oriented workflow? Why you would or wouldnt favour it?

I agree with you, for stills is a great workflow, for animation I think it is a standard too, at least is what I have seen on VFX breakdowns of movies.
I like this kind of workflow because of two things: 1) The amount of control you get. 2) Like me I don’t owe a machine with a super graphics card or a cpu with 4 cores so this kind of workflow let me render the passes and then combine them in the way I want.

Well rendering in passes and compositing in post is standard in animations, but paintovers not that much :smiley: Atleast I havent ever seen anyone doing that, would be crazy amount of work anyway!

nice job, good composition, the only critique i have is for the rock behind the sign, it looks too much low poly vs the back rocks, otherwise beautiful.

more post-pro oriented workflow

whatever the way regarding best time/quality ratio I’ll use, quality = money, time also = money, whenever you can lower these then do it.

I think what really matters is the end result and not how you got there. If things are quicker in postpro, i would add them in postpro. However things like the wood texture i would do in 3d, especially if you plan to do more then one shot of the scene.
I think what you did there is the most time efficient way to achieve the final result so in my opinion its the way to go.