Deserted Places II

Well… I think I am forced to call this one a finished project for the moment. For those who had been following this WIP, I am sorry I was not able to insert more post apocalyptic features yet.

The reason: my computer became a dangerous psychopath, killing yafray when submerged by data in its swap file. I recently upgraded that computer to 1gig ram but had no time to enlarge the swap file to go with it (I hate repartitionning hard drives), which naturally cause some kind of trouble.
In short, if I want to add some other stuff in that scene, I have to reconfigure my computer - this weekend perhaps.

As you probably noticed, I am not really creative with titles… this one continues my previous work on the same theme (see it here)

Anyway, here’s the image (click here for high resolution).

Nice work but could use a little dust etc… for deserted towns. However like you said there are stuff to add so i’ll just have to wait man.

Looks pretty clean for a deserted town.

Apart from that good job

cool - you know a gilles tran’s pic wet bird ? - your work looks like a happier side of same story - or a shot after the first story has long before ended - not in sense of plagiarism but like the other side of coin.

fine atmosphere, looks like it just waits for some wicked, nasty little toons to pop in and play.


Thanks for your comments guys.

PandaChamp: It is indeed way too clean, but again, once my computer is fixed, I will trash the whole city!!! yeeeehaaaaaaaaa! :0)

Tedi: Gilles is indeed a great inspiration to me, although I used picture references for most of the objects, I wanted to do something similar, but as a background for further development in apocalyptic style.
I should have mentionned his name in my post, sorry about that. It was late last night when I posted this.

Thanks again.



A little rework in post-processing and it’ll look a lot more “contrasted”.

Otherwise really nice work. I like it. :slight_smile:

Gilles is indeed a great inspiration to me

<cough> I downloaded his starter scenes … </cough>

gotta get my boxes running then get down with dissecting the intricacies of well executed artworx.

if you ever get funky with pov, here’s the swissknife:

… if you on windows … no love trough wine here …

Great work

hey man ! sorry i haven’t gotten a chance to comment on this earlier.

it looks excellent. your style is definetly getting better. and the detail ! its just breath taking ! i cant wait till this starts to look dirtier :]

Thanks Nehpets!

I can’t wait to get ti dirty as well.
I still have to figure out when I am going to reconfigure my linux machine for better performance but it will come.

Thanks again for your comments,


awesome image, some really nicely modelled building!

forcing me to work harder on my next project 8)

Thanks Ecks! I really appreciate it.

I think I still have to learn a lot about lighting. If anyone has a suggestion, I will be glad to try it. I am struggling with the power factors for yafray compared to blender internal and I just can’t get the lighting I want. But I am yet satisfied with this scene for now.



I like the lightning. Looks like it’s early in the morning.

Like the whole scene aloot. 8)


:o Very nice modelling!

But the lightning is poor. If there will be so sharp shadow, there must be direct sunlight hitting to the wall. So those areas where the direct sunlight hits must be much brighter. Now it looks like a really cloudy day.

But the image is nice thanks to modelling and the choice of camera angle. So if I may suggest U put some bright light in that scene to give the contrast that image needs.

Sorry for mocking :frowning:

Thanks for the comments jarkkopoika.

The lighting is my weakness. My idea was to create a ‘after the storm’ lighting mood such as you can have when thunder and lighting has just finished its work and a ray of light appears in between the clouds (somthing like this picture).
Hence the dark blue sky and the sunlight/sharp shadows on the buildings.
Obviously, I failed to pass the feeling :D. But I have faith, and I will correct this.
I should probably also recalibrate my screen since it appears very different on the different here at work than at home (don’t tell my boss I am on elysiun during working hours :wink: ).

Thanks again,


Beatiful render; maybe the lights seem a bit weak as it has been already saidl…anyway the idea is fantestic…keep up the good work!!

Thanks mate!
I will definitely go on with it :0)