Desgin For Deadmau5 Competition

Hello currently has a competition where you are invited to design a new head for deadmau5 which he will then wear on stage and the winner will win 2 VIP tickets to LA to see him play!
you can read more here:

Anyway, here is my entry, which I have not submitted yet and have come here for focused critique before the final submission

So my theme is royalty, medieval coats of arms and what not and incorporating many of deadmau5’s interests into the design; such as minecraft (the creeper) his cat (meowingtons) his zelda heart tattoo and his space invader tattoo.

So yeah, Crits please!

No critique? I only have 10 days until the final deadline so if there is any advice I would like time to implement it into the design.

i don’t know why nobody has posted anything yet on this. it is fantastic, you matched the golden color with the red perfectly, i love how there are lights in the mouth, and all the characters on it are so well done. the pixalation on the space invader and the zelda hearts is probably my favorite part because you wouldn’t know what they are if they were smoothed.
great work. wade

Sorry i dont know who it is, but the work looks quality, no problems here wish i could research this more. good job.

I love Deadmau5… and this design. I think the shiny gold leaf embellishments and diamond eyes would really benefit from an unbiased render in Lux or Cycles. The more you can make it look like it’s already a real object, the better.

thank you the wat man I am glad you like those aspects of it, they are parts I am proud of too.
Thanks for the feedback guys!
@springwater he generally wears a head like in this image: but I thought I would step it up a notch :wink:
Thanks rocketman! I am currently using cycles to render it using a HDR image and some plane lights. (the default velvet came in handy!) what is it that you think is letting it down in the rendering?

also, what colour do you think would suite the background?

You’re already using cycles! Silly me. I’m unsure, but you might want to play around with some harder key lighting to bring out the details. I think this would look excellent on a very dark background. Don’t be afraid to push the saturation, since he is a techno DJ…

Well I upped the power of the lights and the saturation, and here is what I got!
I also played around with another design and got this, but I submitted the Regalmau5 as my final.