Design & Animation Of A Coin-Sized Wearable Device


We need to create a short animation of a small wearable device, showcasing the design of the product.

This is to be presented to healthcare professionals and giving them an idea of how a patient would attach the wearable device to their skin.

We have a deadline of latest February 5th to have the animation ready.

Kindly reach out if interested.

Budget $250 - $400 USD.

The first image I have attached below is the mockup I have and the next one is a refined 3D Render that I would like it to finally look like :

DailyUI #095 (Product Tour) on Behance.html (1.1 MB)

I would like for the device to be animated showing how it sits on the skin as the image below shows:

This is a rough storyboard showing the sequence that final animation should follow:


is this still available ?

I Wrote him a message in october, when he posted his first post, did not responded. Wrote im 3 day ago, no response too.

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same no response…


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