Design: bottled drinks storage (image intensive)

Our latest design project in school was a “bottled drinks serving and storage system”, made of metal. If it can be either folded up, or somehow packed away into a smaller size when not used is a plus. So what do you think?

My three final designs are:

  1. A hanging system, with different pieces to hold either one or more bottles, in either upright, or horizontal positions. More of them can be attached under each other.

It can be hung from anything, this is a simple stand made especially for this product.

  1. A 12 piece wine storer, which can be folded up if the part at the back is taken out.

  1. A snake-like design, with the same part repeating 6 or 8 times. The neighbouring pieces can be rotated relative to each other to achieve different shapes. Can be used horiyontally or vertically.

For wine, the 8cm diameter version, w/ 6 pieces:

For soft drinks, the 6cm diameter version with 8 pieces:

All rendered in Yafray


very nice. very very nice. incredibly nice renders.
only crit is that I’m pretty sure that the second one couldn’t fold up like that, unless it is bendable material.
Overall, wonderful, keep it up!

Realy nice renders, and realy good design! Those whine holders cracked me up!
This is exelent! :smiley:

I think the second one could fold up, great work although i dont think i would buy one.

very nice work! i especiall like the design for the last wine holder

Some nice and original ideas. Well done.


Clever Ideas, nicely modeled and rendered.
Thumbs up!

Great design, which i like very much, but renders could be better. The last one lacks more raydepth.

Wow, great work man. Neato designs. You’re probebly studying IPD (IPO in Holland) Industrial Product Designer. If you aren’t doing so, perhaps that’s a nice way to go.

Some idea’s are really clever, other just look good. All renders look stylish and clean. Very nice. Imo the chains should be closed and not having a gap, makes it look not very stable.

Those bottles of water look great. Could you tell us the settings you used for the glass and liquid?


The folding one WOULD fold up (kind of folding sideways). I wonder if Zzolt could do an animation of it folding up? That would look really cool!

The fold up snake-like design is great. Nice renders.

Thanks for all the replies!

StrikerMunc: yes, it can fold up, the metal sheets can move relative to the legs, so the whole thing sort of collapses sideways.
I might just make a small anim to show the concept.

Roger: yes, as a matter of fact I am studying industrial product design :slight_smile:
The materials, a screenshot:

Wine bottle:

PET bottle:

Tnx for the materials Zsolt. Comical that you are studing it :P. Btw an ani would be cool :D.

a guy in my class has designed and made somthing very similar to the bottom one.

i like the corrugated flattening one, as well as the hanging one. however the hanging one’s stand (green thing) i think is hideous.

I would personally push the hanging idea further, i think it can go a long way further.

i would scrap the last one. i don’t think it can be developed much further than it is (based on what i have seen)

the second one, i think has potential but i don’t know how far further you can develop it (i am sure you can aesthetically to a point).

so first then second, and not third.


Your last one has given me an idea.


Alltaken: yeah, the stand, hehe, I agree with that. It was just before the deadline, I had originally designed a wall-mounted hanger, and my consulting teacher says: “What if there’s no wall? Where do you hang these things, like at a garden party? Make a stand by itself”. So I say: all right, if you really need this, here’s a quick stand… like ten minutes in Blender.
The problem with the third one is manufacture and assembly, because if the top and bottom rings aren’t lined up exactly (ie: their axes aren’t colinear), the two neigbours won’t be able to rotate, they’ll get stuck.

Finally I decided on the second one, so that one has a slightly newer version, with proper CAD documentation.
The whole design was group work, so finally we settled on a different one, which was developed further. Here’s a render (not by me) of the idea. There are these circular holders with magnets on their backs, and a rubber lining inside to hold a half-litre bottle. They can be placed onto any magnetic metal surface. There is also a special stand for it, which can be transported on wheels, the magnetic holders fit into the bottom part of the stand, after you unscrew the lid. The metal plate can be moved up or down and fixed into position. Ideal for promotional purposes, at expos, etc, the metal sheet can be covered with some advertising for example.