Design expectation question, re: complexity of models.

I have created an “object” - it has “Ve:446 Fa:428” - it looks a bit rugged. I want to make “lots” of them. These will be “important” to the scene - i.e. trees in a forest; but not be the main focus. :eyebrowlift2:

My question is: Are there any general guidelines about “detail of object” for a scene other than “make them as simple as possible”?

I know that material/texture can make a world of difference. Just wondering if Blender, or the 3D modeling world in general, has gotten to the point that 1mil verts/faces per scene are “normal” yet.

It’s also important to use “instances”. Take a look at this tutorial.

Excellent reference for subject - thanks, that was very helpful. Also, since tutorial was a good example and had about 1mil verts and faces, answers my general question as well.

Now all I have to do is see if I can translate from 2.48 version used in tutorial to current 2.57 operations.