Design of Blender Course

Hi we started using Blender as part of our school high school course last year for the first time.

Students were mostly noobs (as were we), with only 1 or 2 having ventured down the 3D path. I’m keen to review what we do, and ensure we have a focus and clear direction to get better outcomes.

We have been trying to integrate Blender and Unity. The initial foray into Blender has been using tutorials from the web, with assignments centering on modelling a building to be imported into Unity.

I had considered changing to more engineering style drawings - modelling small household objects (knobs/handles) that could then be printed on our 3D printer. One reviewer suggested that was a bit like using a bulldozer to make a sand castle.

I’d considered trying to go down the animation path - looking at simulations.

Blender is such a diverse “tool” that I’d really just like some input on possible options for a semester course that would produce some good outcomes for kids. Maybe 20 weeks x 4 x 50 minute lessons.

I’m only a Blender noob - but I’m keen to take what we do to the next level, and that requires some very clear direction and planning.

I’d appreciate your advice.

Fundamentals of design - documentation

Assets creation

Game logic

integration of mathematics

the blender game engine is in fact a great environment for the price :smiley:

check it out some time,
unity is for making and selling games, however so is C++, python and free resources.

The Blender 2.6x - 3D Design course is intended to offer students an introduction to the world of computer generated 3D modeling. As an introductory course, it provides a basic understanding of the skills and techniques employed by 3-D designers in a wide range of applications. In this online course, we will explore basic mesh modeling, applying textures and materials to 3-D objects, lighting, animation, and rendering. This course should provide a good basis for further independent study in architectural, engineering and theatrical modeling, and game design