Designing materials in EEVEE - Biggest mistake demystified

Here a short tutorial that shows the biggest mistake most of us make when it comes to designing materials in Blender.

One correction: In the video I turn down the exposure and bump up the albedo values, the material doesn’t appear rougher, but the ratio between albedo and specularity changed instead.
This is why you probably experienced when you started using filmic, why the materials look to glossy. That is because you started to use lower albedo values, and so the ratio between albedo and specularity is different. Maybe @troy_s finds this latter one interesting.

Update: I noticed on YouTube Analytics that to many stop the video right at the moment the most important part starts. In short, the video is about calibrating the the strength of emission of the environment (or change exposure) with a grey card and false color. If you do that every time before you design a shader or material there is at least consistency in levels of albedo. This latter one is pretty anoying that there is a big range of shaders out there not following this workaround. Often the albedo value is way to high.

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Hi, (Three months later)
After buying some addons, buying textures, I still have the same opinion:
Offered Textures and materials on the Internet: They Suck.

I hope one day someone discovers what I am trying to tell and give it a bit more publicity. Not for me but for the blender community.