Designing Tile Objects to Fit Together Seamlessly

I’m working on a game with random level generation in the BGE. The way I’ll do this is by designing a ton of hallway and room pieces that can seamlessly interlock. Does anyone have any tips on modelling separate objects in Blender in such a way that the hallways can connect and fit together perfectly?

should be a matter of simply duplicating the faces that make up an edge of the tile, then shifting them over to the right or left, then doing the same with the top / bottom faces, then after a little positioning, welding them together, and then filling the space in between.

Wow, that’s actually a pretty good idea! Just copy in all the border vertices, then fill the space in with whatever. That makes perfect sense. I’m an idiot. Thanks! XD

everything is more obvious once you’ve figured it out. :spin: heheh.