Desire a one man/girl show, to complete a rigged facial rec model from photos-2018

Hi, I will explain more later but I am fixated on a woman from work and I know she is not really into computers and stuff, but I need to show off my artistic ways with Blender Suite, and form a new relationship with her. She knows I am already a good guy but its my idea to make her see what type of nerd I am beyond work.

That said, am I lying if I tell her I made her into a 3D character myself, from a photo she gave me and that remains to be acknowledged because I may have to do it myself if in fact I must start on it alone, while no one here helps in the process.

So, she is very beautiful, as you may assume and she needs attention at all times. This project will make her see that I am in full go mode if I can successfully make her into an animated movie. I can do scene set up, audio and rendering but I need to seek ‘a modeler’ with Rigging experience and NOT animation skills paid for, since I will be animating the movie myself.

I know the going rate for professionals to finalize something like this is $200 per hour or so, and its something Blender Can do for Free. So, if any one willing to do the modeling from a few of her photos, and rigging fully emoting facial expressions and anatomically correct movements, I will compensate with $300 USD for satisfying my goals based on resemblance to the photos, for this summary of needs listed above, as the main goals.

NOT for a teamwork or fully blown production project yet, just one ideal person with the 3D ‘know how’ to make her photos come to life in Blender, .blend files only. For now.

Thanks to that special person reading for reading and taking my offer of $300. Go BA!

This is the story of the week, man! :smiley:
If nobody comes for help, try makehuman. Using its sliders you can generate pretty much any kind of face. Good luck with khm… both projects! :wink:

not to give relationship advice, but I will. Deception is not a good way to start… why can’t you say that you’re getting someone to create it and you’ll animate it? Think of it this way, you’re buying her an expensive box of Chocolates.

I know what make human is, I know how honesty gets the point across better, there is no problem with telling a girl one thing to make her change her mind about some one else, even if it is an incomplete truth told. I will pay for this project, because of time constraints, not lack of ‘wisdom’.

Are you looking for a photo-realistic model or cartoon/disney style? Here is my email: [email protected]

A surefire way to get a date…or at the very least a restraining order.


If you didn’t want to get wisdom from us, you should’ve just said: i need a rigged female model from these reference images. Without backstory.