Desired features in Blender

I could not find a suggested features area or where I could post this so I’m posting this here, please inform me if I’ve missed something.

I’d love to see a clouds node in Cycles so the powerful cloud algorithms from Blender Internal textures window could be harnessed in Cycles material creation.

And Blender would also benefit from a central Node group preset section where Node groups could be saved to a folder and recalled with the click of a button (or preset) like actions in Photoshop. Also this would allow easier education and sharing of node groups in communities like this.

i bet you can find cloud shaders online. what ur suggesting is a resource, not a feature.

and the second thing you suggested, well, look into Append and Link. those two features should cover your needs.

Thank you, I will look for some cloud shaders. Are there additional shaders made by users like diffuse, emission, etc. that can be added in?

And I’m aware of the append and link option but personally am annoyed by it. As a photographer myself and a regular user of photoshop, what if I had to append or link to other previous photoshop files in order to use actions I made in those files. That would be ridiculous and slow for me. I don’t want to have to retain or have to of organized a blend file in order to find something I made in it. What if I can’t find the file or didn’t make a node group, or am on another computer which doesn’t have the blend file? I think a central repository of custom and downloaded node groups would be a powerful time saving tool and would help my creativity a lot.

I’d actually disagree - it is a feature, one which Blender Internal has.

BI has a few procedural textures that haven’t yet been ported over to cycles. Some of them like clouds and the additional options on Voronoi would come in quite handy.