Desk (Compositing) Need Feedback!

Hey, I found an image of a desk on google and decided to add 3d office supplies to it. So I need a little help compositing :yes:

first off, what’s with the white border around the box?

Here’s a render and the node setup.

This is my first composite into a real world scene. I’ve very faintly used nodes in the past, but without any tutorials :cool: (don’t I feel big) so I’m very proud of this [crappy] composite!

Oh, and the slight see-through part behind the leg of the desk is my lazyness to make a proper mask. I’ll fix that asap. I still want to know what the white lines are for. I could make a high res mask for the cube, but that’s a lot of work. suggestions?


Ok, I ditched the CPU, and I added some… monkeys?

I know the shadows are leet, but how does the lighting look? Is it accurate?

Next up: add a monitor.


Omgz! The Bsod!!!


Added, vase.

The vase both casts and receives shadows from the desk.


Vase is textured now. So far no UV or anything. Everything is procedural textures.


It looks like the room has at least three light sources, but I only see one shadow being cast by your 3D objects. Are you going to add more lights?

Yes, this is why I asked for crits on lighting. I will fix. But I’m looking for a new scene to work on, since it’s such a low res image it’s hard to make. I want a high res image to work with.

I wouldnt ditch it quite yet, it looks great except for the lighting. This is a very good practice scene actually, try your best tog et it right, and you wont regret it.

It’s not that I’m ditching, it’s because it’s very small. What else can I add to it? A keyboard? Mouse?

The outlet behind the desk, I made. I think I’ll plug the monitor into it.

I replaced the vase with a trash can. The desk leg casts a shadow on the can.

I think I fixed the light. Objects (like monitor) casts 3 different shadows, with 1 being prominent.

Actually i like the vase better, I’ll re-add it (it’s in a different layer)

for the final render I’ll render all the 3d and then combine it in photoshop so I can add noise to make it more photorealistic.


This is looking pretty good, I see just a couple of little things. The reflection on the desk from the monitor is maybe too strong, or too prefect, but there’s nothing to compare it to, so maybe it’s just me. The other thing is the vase/trash can it seems to be floating, the shadows on the vase/trash can look good, but it doesn’t seem to be casting any shadows on the floor.

It is, but I need to increase the strength of the shadow, it’s blender too perfectly with the others.

I’m glad you like it =D I’m hoping in the end to have a photorealistic image that you see and go, “woah… that’s 3d?”

Edit: I noticed scdelf already posted this.
The vase looks like it’s floating, you need to make shadows.

Yes, I will fix this tomorrow.

What do you think?