Desk Culture


This is my latest creation, it was part of my bachelor thesis, whose topic was about lamp-design.
Project on Artstation:

The lamp which I’ve included in this version of the image is not the one I have designed, but a different generic one I’ve replaced it with. I take no credit in the design of that one.

The choice of perspective is grounded in the selection of other images that were created for the project, mainly product shots and gives an overview of the illumination.

The desktop is supposed to be the only thing that’s lit as the lamp should draw focus to itself. The initial thought was to depict the Desk Culture of a certain usergroup we’re all familiar with :D. In order to keep the focus on the lamp, i’ve held the mess on the table on the lower side.

The table is just part of a larger scene, which i’m not ready to show yet. Hope you like it!


Exceptional work. The entire composition is excellent

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thank you :)!

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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wow cool! thanks Bart :slight_smile: