Desk feedback.

Its me and my desk again :smiley:

For those who dont know im designing a computer workstation/hub for my final year project.

Im just looking for some intial feedback on my rough initial design. (modelled in blender of course).

Could you also check the poll if you feel you would benifit from any of the features shown as I need to prove if there is a market need for my idea.

Thanks again.

i am a bit concerned about the foot right where your chair legs might want to be. so this is all built in, with the computer screen built in also?

i don’t see the aesthetic advantage of the single foot on the left either.

height adjustability?

the height of the bar at the back? does that have a use? like a shelf? or is it just to be seen? why would that be that high, why not 200mm lower?

angled racks are CD racks? would paper racks be awsome too? perhaps CD racks are changeable for paper racks. i personally have 8 different types of paper for my colour laser printer :stuck_out_tongue:

addons like scanners, printers tablets? where would these go?

just some crit on it. BTW how far into the final year are you? have you written your research from the first semester or is this the research stage? and how far do you still need to go?

p.s. what cad package do you use at your university, we use cobalt. (totally off topic)

good luck BTW


Thanks for the crits alltaken.

Good point about the chair legs, im looking for a design of frame that will give a free standing look, hence the position. Still experimenting with various alternatives.

Although you cant tell from the pic, the keyboard/mouse are seperate from the right-hand side section and would be hieght adjustable along the frame.

The reason for the extra bit of the top is im considering mounting some from of lighting or a shelf for webcameras.

The screen and keyboard would be intergrated, everything else will be modular, therefore interchangeable racks would be a good possiblilty.

Im currently 3 weeks into my final year, still very much in the research stage, the project doesnt end until the end of year, so a long way to go.

We use Pro Engineer Wildfire - Useful but a royal pain to use.

well as you know from ergonomics class (i assume) the scren should be higher than the keyboard by a long shot. a good 150mm or so (rough estimate) so would your screen fold up then slide? (that could be very cool)

i know its research stages, so may as well crit like hell while there is nothing serious invested in it yet (in time and money).

BTW our cad package is a pain in the butt too. but i am getting the hang of it. blender means i learnt the cad program in a few days, others took months :stuck_out_tongue:

keep the pics coming and i will keep critting them. i’d love the same some time :P. i start my final year in feb.


It looks incredibly cramped to me. I’d like a computer desk that would provide adequate room for the computer tower, a graphics tablet, and various other peripherals. Also, I would love a cupholder of some type. And possibly a pull-out area I could use for jotting things down.

Having that leg in the middle of the “sitting area” could be hazardous for me. I’m pretty sure it would be painful if I kicked that thing without shoes on. It also prevents people from using certain chairs.