Desk-friends Trailer

Hi all, this is my trailer for my upcomming shortmovie called “Desk-friends” (link to WIP)

It’s put together mostly for fun but also because I want to have something to show people when they ask what I’m working on.

I’m currently about 2/5 done with the project and scince I havn’t done any animation before, it takes quite some time to make it look good.

All done in blender


Here’s the link


nice! I’m looking forward to seeing this. It seems like you are doing this very well, particularily since you’ve never done animation before.

the music is quite intense lol

Don’t I remember “desk friends” from a while back?
Glad to hear it’s still going!

woah! lots of comments all of a sudden.

Aflocka@ thank you. Yea I’m kinda surprised myself, just hope my luck will keep on going : )

Brados33@ haha, yea. since I don’t want anyone to be bored by the movie itself because it isn’t really that intense…

Minifig@ Yup, I’m gonna keep on going. Some more models are comming up in the WIP now before I can concentrate entirely on animating.

Lovely vork, looks really pro. I’ve just noticed some mblur artifacts. Are you using nodes or the standard mblur?

Thank you Camaxtli : ) Yes I’m using nodes for the motion blur, feel like you got more control over it that way.