Desk Invasion - Brace yourself, they're here! (update 16. Nov)



help us all, they’re here. And they’re ready to party. :smiley:

Desk is partly from my “Modeling my room” thread down in WIP, had to tweak it for this shot though. Modeled with Blender, rendered with Indigo. Rendertimes weren’t too bad, around 5h. Little noise reduction post-pro, other than that pure renderer output.

Hope you enjoy this, I had a lot of fun putting those little fellas into position. :slight_smile:

1024x768 resolution

haha, wonderfull! Kinda reminds me of ‘they came it night’.:slight_smile:

Yeah, I even wanted to name it “They came at Noon (and never left)” :D.

hmm, now that ive taken a second look, the flag looks kinda weird.

Bad angle I guess, it’s a softbodie with a wind deflector in front of it.

Great render, + cool characters!

Haha, I like this very much. Thanks for the new desktop background for a while. :slight_smile:

That guy in the glass cup looks like he’s really chillin’ good.

Don’t smoke red Marllboro, it’ll kill you! :smiley:
Nice work!


I updated the piece a bit. Fixed the flag, changed the ashtray to a frosted glass one and added some detail.

great, love the style, extrmely realistic, yet toony…
lov it man

white blu tac? i love it!looks incredibly realistic, I assumed it was a composite of background and characters. Indigo seems really powerful!