Desk Items: updated (more stuff)

I modeled a nightstand with a lamp, but it looked odd with no stuff on it. So I decided to model some stuff. Here’s a #2 pencil and a fountain pen.

I think I should add an ink bottle and a pencil sharpener, maybe an eraser. Any other suggestions? C&C?

The lighting is pretty bland…Just a general blandness… it just isnt cluttered enough, and since its kind of early into this, its just … idunno, ill comeback when youve made more progress
good luck

I guess it’s a poor title. I’m not trying to show off the clutter, just the models.
Added a pencil sharpener.

Added an ink bottle

you realy have to tweak those materials… it all looks like plastic right now. wood doesn’t give a white reflection, even you know that ^^.


Nice models, you’ll just need some bumpmapping, especially on the table thing… Try to experiment a little.

Tweaked spec colors. Increased the hardness on the ink bottle. Tweaked the colors on the lights, and added a fill light. Added nor to the wood slab texture, but I don’t see any difference there. bjarnskov, thanks for noticing the models :slight_smile: .

Tweaking: the ink bottle, the wood slab under it all.

Added an eraser. And another view.

i think your materials are stil too shiny, and the wood does not impress me at all. it still looks like a plastic table. maybe take some spec off of the wood. just an idea

It’s coming along nicely. Although I agree with some of the above criticism, I LOVE the way the ink bottle looks. The thickness of the glass really shows up well, but I would think that the glass would create another, much lighter shadow around the edge of the first shadow (indicating where the light passes through the glass, not the ink)

I am really, really, really not trying to impress anybody with the wood. The only reason I’m working on it at all is because it seems to be such a distraction from the desk items, which I am working on. It’s all procedural, so the wood may never look as good as wood done from a UV mapped photo or painting of wood.

I’ll play around with the lighting to see what the deal is on the ink bottle shadow. I suspect that the refraction through the glass, though, is cancelling out the ‘second shadow’ of the ink, and the only hard shadow is going to be the overall outline. We’ll see, when I get a chance to play with it some more.

yes i do have to say that the ink bottle is very impressive

yeah the ink bottle is tight, right on the mark
the scene comes off really bright to me though, if you could work on the lighting a bit i think it give a lot of spark to the scene :slight_smile:

Reduced the lighting overall, and turned the Spec down on several materials.

I did some experimentation with the shadows through the ink bottle, (the bottle on the right has no ink in it at all) but all the shadows look about the same. Haven’t seen the effect through the actual ink bottle though: it has a paper lable glued to one side. Looking at other bottles with colored liquid in them, there is a definate ‘shadow’ from the liquid, distinct from the shadow of the glass, which is distorted and full of caustics. I suppose to produce that effect I’ll have to move on from the Blender renderer, and spend hours on rendering. I’m working on a lable to stick on the ink bottle.

In that last render it looked like you turned down the spec on the ink bottle. I have to say that I think it was perfect the way it was. Yafray or some other raytracer might just take care of the shadow problem there. It’s worth a shot.

I didn’t touch the glass material. the change must be because the light is coming from a different angle, or the intensity was reduced. I may need a separate light setup just for the glass.

In the meantime, here’s a lable for the ink bottle. Yeah, I’m definitely going to need some more light on that glass.

A two hole paper punch.

And finally, some work on the wood. I think it’s done. [EDIT: No it’s not: see next page./EDIT]
Any final comments so I can clean it up and post it over in finished projects?

White bg, please? Nice modeling. How bout a lil nor on the wood tex?