Desktop art

Here is some cravings i have done in my desktop :stuck_out_tongue:
The only thing i used was a pencill and a knife…

You might wanna se the pictures a bit scaled down.

A little test i made…

Well… it went like this… i was rendering this ultra coool bullet physics test i had done… it was a ball crasing in to a wall of brics. averything had really good high res photo textures and i used some really nice AO… but after rendering for 6 hours when there was like 35 frames left… one of my USB cables wich are kinda … slightly not really functioning… and as i was conecting my cellphone to it it short ciruted my compuer and well the computer survived but nmot the render :mad: i got so mad that i punched a hole in my desktop and to my big supprise there where some tiny people living underneath my desktop…

And yes i know the second one is basicly a Julian Beever rippoff :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah, that’s exactly who I was thinking about while looking at it. Anyway, looks very nice.

Hahaha. :slight_smile:

very good! the shading is very well done!

thanks a lot guys :smiley: