Desktop Customization

Can the BGE be used to make a desktop layout thing? Well, I know this; place the game in the startup folder and when you turn in the computer and select your account, the setup starts. Now is there some sorta sensor or script or actuator that opens any computer file? Like when you click an icon, Microsoft Word opens, or a folder opens?


You’d have to program that kind of thing yourself with Python. It’s very possible, though.

It is possible. But if it is worth is another question.

I think that you can even recreate Gnome/KDE/Unity desktop enviroments for Windows platform with BGE+Python+BGL+BGUI (last two are user interface libraries).
It may be nice for prototyping before you make something like that in C/C++

EDIT: A big applause for someone who did/will do that :slight_smile:
edit2: imagine that, one desktop enviroment for Windows/Linux/Mac? I will have to try it in the end of this year