desktop edition Zombie Staation Stare

My first render when i first started using blender i found it on my hard drive so here you go uploaded what do you think :eyebrowlift: lol named it zombie staation stare coz for some reason i cant stop looking at it stare stare even thought its nothing compared to the renders on this forumn cheers stare like a bear:confused:

its a piece of art and deserves to be on here
i think its very strange but yet something that u would put on a wall

wow. it’s psychadellic, man!

very nice.

I question the colour choice. And suzanne.

But, if you wanted this to be a really cool thing people wanted on their desktops, you could easily turn it into that. Just delete suzanne (sorry), get rid of that purple, and render at a larger size! Presto!

Pretty cool as it is though.

p.s. Some kind of motion blur might be cool…
what do you think of this would you use it as your desktop ?and how does this make you feel angry sad happy or confused i wouldnt ,i hope some likes it lol:D

:spin: ???not suitable. painful to the eye.:spin: