desktop for modeling and animation

I don’t know much about computers but learning since I need to know things like ram, graphics card etc.
I was wondering if a gaming computer is good for 3d modeling and animation?

I’m not sure if one may have things I might not need.
For an example, a game is already made and any high detail could have been baked onto a low poly mesh.
where if I am modeling and doing a high detail mesh and need it into my animation movie the indicated or dedicated video can make a difference and rendering etc. so not sure If I need a custom build done or not or just a really good gaming desktop.

I heard the most components focused for performance and great graphics is ram?
whats the difference between RAM, computer memory that uses say a DDR4, and graphics processor? but also having more RAM still might not give you a fast computer becuase of the processor or mother board.

should I focus on besides learning processor core like a quad core, corei7, a hard drive over 8gb and then the rest about ram and graphics cards? to make very large, detail animation movies?

I figured to look at specs like this (pic below) to get a good computer


So. for doing modeling, animation, and all the tasks you’d like the setup you have indicated would be a very good start. Remember that the tool does not make the artist. I’ve been following blender for some time now, more years then I’d like to admit, and I’ve seen people with lower end systems producing work that was far superior to users with top end systems.

But going back to the hardware.

When working in blender directly, GPU is important do display the objects you ware working on. GTX 1070 is quite good for this task.

CPU and Memory is more important when doing simulations (particle, cloth for example) as these tasks are still not GPU optimized.

For rendering, depending on scene complexity, most will fit well within the 8GB that you have with that GTX 1070 so no need to add more at this point.

Make sure your motherboard supports multiple GPUs (PCI Express 16x slots) so in the future when you start getting into more time consuming you can add another GTX 1070 and drop render times by nearly 1/2.

Other terms you have thrown like hard driver over 8GB does not make sense. As you mentioned you are unsure about the terminology. But I hope the above will assist you. I’ll post more if you have more questions.