Desktop Organization

Okay well i’ve officially decided to clear the shit off my desktop. I almost have the think covered with crap. Anyways is there a way I could make a custom menu to open search through my files? Maybe there’s a premade program out there or i don’t know.

There is in Linux. Not sure about Windows.

lolz I got the linux bible for christmas and i’m soon going to install ubuntu so. I got to do it tonight though. Oh well thanks anyway.

I use Launchy ( for Windows. It’s awesome! You press alt+space and a textbox shows up. It searches your start menu and desktop for matches. Press enter and the item opens. You can customize it search other locations as well such as user files and web favorites. It is indispensable on a laptop.

For example: I type alt+space and want to open Microsoft Word. I type “wor” and a list opens up with matching items. Unfortunately, the first item it thinks I want is “WordPad.” It then comes up with a dropdown list and Microsoft Word is listed in the list. I select Word and then hit enter. NOW, every time I open Launchy and type “wor” and hit enter, it opens Word.

I open Blender with “Alt+space, bl, enter” It’s way fast!

thanks I might try that

What I did was to make a folder on c: called shortcuts. Within that folder are sub folders according to program categories (art, office, utilities, etc). Then I created shortcuts for my programs and put them in their respective shortcut sub folder. Then I added the short cut sub folders to the task bar. You could just put the whole shortcut folder in the task bar, but then that requires a bit of navigation to find what you are looking for. Once you get it set up, it’s easy to maintain when adding new programs. I have very little on my actual desktop area. By the way, this method also allows for faster boot times, and I think that it also frees up cpu cyles.
I use shortcuts because if something should get deleted from the task bar it is no big deal, you can always make a new shortcut, it is faster than reloading whole programs, retyping papers or redrawing .blends, etc.

that makes sense

I use Executor, which allows you to press a key and type in a keyword to open a program (like Run except way more useful). It takes a bit of time to set up, but it is very efficient afterwards if you set up right.

For simply searching the computer for files, I use Google Desktop.

For a great windows manager try BBLean or Xoblite, or BB4WIN…

THey all have all the great features you find in linux windows managers, the only difference is that it is less buggie .
Any you get all the great applications and games that are in windows… Plus! if you go to , you can download almost every worthwhile application that you can find in linux…
The great thing about that is that most of the time the applications are much more stable in windows… and they are 100000% easyer to install and maintain.

well anyway, here are some links:

Bye the way… if you want to do a search on your desktop, open up the explorer file manager, navigate to the desktop and press control F… you dont need any other software, windows has a few search and find features already built in.