Desktop Screen Shot:)

Hey there, well most other forums tend to have such threads so i thought i might start one here. Here’s mine. Not as fancy as others and i still stick to the standard 98 theme and the old old… azul wallpaper… dont ask me why… I got no CLUe!:eyebrowlift2:

it’s old… but hasn’t changed over the years, so it’s still valid… only exception are, some new icons on desktop, and bar on rightside is on autohide and i’ve disabled borders, tabs and titlebar for konsole.

edit: oh it got scaled, well here’s the fullsize:



Here is one of my virtual desktops:
And here is another: :wink:
And here is a cool Exposé-like feature:

Here’s my desktop, I made my background in Blender. The image is a little big though.

egan “access denied!” to all your pics. my desktop background made in GIMP

Changed recently from… look at the attachments.


I guess you can tell alot about what someone likes to do from their desktop screenshot

Depends on one’s desktop :smiley:
Guess three games that I play from mine for example :slight_smile:

I’ve no clue what this thread is good for but nontheless I was checking all your desktops! :yes:

So here’s mine:

In case you’re wondering: I made it in photoshop (just after I’d learned how to do it).


[Screenshot’s too large; I’ll upload it later]

Here is mine. It is the same wallpaper for Linux.


erm…no icons?

I try to avoid them. If I start putting stuff on my desktop, it becomes a real mess…

I like your wallpaper.:yes:

Oops. Drat Grab, it saves in tiff. :frowning:

Yeah, same here

These are two of the desktop looks that I’ve had recently…

The applications (from left to right) are
Finder, Firefox, Songbird, GIMP, Blender (2.46), Blender (2.47), iMovie, Jahshaka, Quicksilver, NeoOffice and Grab. :slight_smile:

(I’m using a lot of custom icons and dock skins, so if anyone wants to know where I got them from I can link you to them)

Here’s my linux one… when I go to windows I’ll have to upload that too…

Wallpaper made by lumpycow

i got lumpycow’s wallpaper too :slight_smile: