Desktop Screencast & Keystroke Icons

Okay, this is a bit off-topic from Blender, but not totally. What open-source program would you suggest I use to video capture my desktop while modeling in Blender and drawing illustrations in GIMP? Keep in mind, I am using a 12-year-old computer, so it has to be something simple. Right now, I am using CamStudio, but I did not know if there was something better. Also, I have noticed in a lot of the Blender tutorials, down in the bottom left-hand corner it will show a mouse icon and you see what the person giving the tutorial is clicking when using Blender. Also, some even go as far as showing all of the keystroke commands. Is this another program I have to download or is it an add-on in Blender? Thank you in advance!

Not sure what to recomend for your video but the screencast keys are in the properties panel. You just have to enable them. In the 3D window just press N for the properties panel.

It occurrs to me that you might not know how to enablethe screencast so all you need to do is under File go to User Preferences/Addons/3D, and find Screencast Keys and make sure the box next to it is checked. Then press N for the Properties and scroll to the bottom and you’ll find it. Hope that helps a little more.

Thank you, GLakie. The second response helped a lot. I was all like, “Okay, I am in the properties panel, but I am seriously not seeing this option.” Haha! I felt rather stupid for a second there. Thank you once again!