This took me about 2 days, it was sooo much work (Specially the keyboard, Yikes.) but i’m very proud of it :D, PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK. :slight_smile:


that’s a good start! The keyboard is nice.

I think you should work on adding details.
For example, wires! That can seem like a drag, but curves make it easy.
Then, textures: I’m sure your own computer doesn’t look as plane as the one here: with a reflection map, it’ll look better! Plastic can seem easy, but it’s actually hard to make it look realistic and not too clean. Same goes for glass.

The desk texture looks a but stretched and could use bump and reflection.

And finally the lighting could be more dramatic!

Well I hope this helps!

Haha I was so excited about this I forgot to add wires, also Thanks! ill work on that. :slight_smile:

some more renders, With added Cords, Headset, & Vape.