Desktops!!! Desktops!!! Desktops!!!

(mrmunkily) #1


just gotta see all the crazy pumped up desktops I’m sure we all have. then, we’ll tell what programs we used and such. here’s mine, to kick it off

reduced from 1280x1024

this is win2k
running litestep with the simplicity theme
trillian .74
mozilla 1
glass2k to amke stuf transparent

(acasto) #2

Hmmmm… I’ll have to decide which one to put up. I’m running quite a few different WMs and have a bunch of different themes I use.

Why not just go ahead and run Linux? ;):slight_smile:

(mrmunkily) #3

Come on! no one else? this has got to be better than spam, at least its interesting…

(wewa_juicyb) #4

Nothing to be proud of.

I hadn’t heard of LiteStep so I’m getting it now :smiley: thanks for the inspiration. oh and keep in mind that I’m running this stuff with a 700mhz without 3dgfx card drivers installed…


(hermy) #5

slackware 8.1
xfree 4.2
fluxbox - mac osx theme
hammer snowboard background (they kick ass 8) )

(mrmunkily) #6

more! must have more! -bump-

(olaf) #7

Debian woody 3.0
Gnome 2.0 Desktop
Dual Head Setup: 2560x1024 Screenresolution :smiley:

Greetz, Olaf.

(TazyTiggy) #8

full shot, kinda boring.

Windows XP
Xitami web server
Dynu dsn server
Mercury mail server
Everything else is closed at the moment 8)

(mrmunkily) #9

wow, that’s a nice dualhead. wat dya use, xinerama?

(basse) #10

well, here’s two of mine…

redhat 8.0
showing… hmm… blender with my sorryass cube animations, gkrellm, gaim, pine, konqueror, gimp… something. oh yeah, and in the background playing cd with “cdp”, but there’s no interface in that one so you dont get to see it :slight_smile: or actually there is, but I didn’t use it.

fullsize images, 1280x1024.


(BgDM) #11

Here is my work desktop:

Win XP Pro
IE 6
Blender 2.23!
No themes or anything fancy.

Most of the icons here are for equipment selection programs that I use from suppliers at work. Of course I am using Office XP as well.


(Eric) #12
Slackware 8.1 KDE 3.0.1

yeah yeah yeah, whatever.

(Dinklebrow) #13

I know its been a week since the last posting. Anyways.

WinXP pro, with Win2000 and SuSE 8.1 (VMWare…d)

All three run smooth… of course it helps to have 1.5GB of memory installed and 200GB harddrive space (2x80GB, 1x40) and Gforce4 ti4400

(Timothy) #14

Mon explorers, nice, clean and fast:

Mon desktop, nice, clean and fast:

Teehee :slight_smile:

(macouno) #15

nothing special… pretty bg though.