Desktops Part II

(mrmunkily) #1

time to share to desktops!

The bar at the bottom is ObjectDock
the im prog is trillian with the crystal skin

(mrmunkily) #2

what? is no one gonna contribulate?

(theeth) #3

didn’t have time to upload the screeny today, but I’ll do it tomorrow


(VelikM) #4

Ok I’ll come out and play. :wink: 150k

(sparc) #5

here is mine

(theeth) #6

mine :stuck_out_tongue:


(Enzoblue) #7

Typing of the Dead! hahaha I played that once, laughed the whole time :smiley:

(Eric) #8

(sparc) #9

is that windowmanager you are using KDE3?

(slikdigit) #10

(Eric) #11

Sparc: yep, that’s KDE 3 with some fancy OSX theme and icons.

Slikdigit: I’d vote on your desktop for sure if it were a competition :slight_smile:

(Sonarman) #12

Whoa! Now that’s what I call nice! What window manager is that you’re using? Is it sawfish? And how do you get that clear, borderless terminal?

(slikdigit) #13

thanks Eric and Sonarman. I’m running Gnome2 with Metacity as the WM, ThinAndMild is my gtk/gtk2 theme, Metabox for Metacity. The terminal is Eterm. I was using fluxbox until yesterday, though. How do you like my mega-huge dumpster home folder icon (made in blender, of course :wink: )

(olaf) #14

Hey Desktops Part II:[email protected]

Here’s mine: Camshot from my Desktop, OS: Debian Linux,
WM: Windowmaker running Galeon Browser and the one and only BLENDER with my current Project (Nightscene).

See ya, Olaf.

(IMProvisar) #15

Since we’re sharing, I’ll post mine. Got to tell you it’s not too fancy right now, I’ve been having some problems, it’s an ailment I’ve named “Windowsclerosis”, kindof like arteriosclerosis of the Windows. It’s caused by poor uninstall programming… install and uninstall enough programs, and over time Windows gets bogged down by crap that never removed itself properly. I usually fdisk about every 6 months, but I can’t right now because dad’s on deployment, and has a lot of discs I’d need.

So, here it is,

Cleared and clean, just as I like it.
BTW, anyone know how to remove the freakin Recycle Bin icon? For some stupid reason you can remove all of the others that were hard-coded, but Mr. Gates doesn’t want me to have my computer my way. Last time I checked, the registry fixes on were just copied from Win98, and don’t work for XP.

Highlighting blender’s position in my Program List.
Right at the top of my “Commonly Used Programs” folder. :slight_smile: Of course… that’s mostly because of alphabetical order. Oh, and “Lazarus” is my other common SN, but half the time it’s taken :x . Oh, and I just noticed, print screen doesn’t print the cursor, for some odd reason.


(IMProvisar) #16

lol… I just DL’d TweakUI for WinXP and got it done, so now it is REALLY clean and clear, like I like it.


(sten) #17


I wanna contribute with my new wallpaper :wink:


(Clete2) #18

My windoze desktop:

(too lazy to compress it much so it is 71kb…)

here it is

It may not be up 24/7, since i’m running it (duh)… I do not have a Linux shot on hand (a lot prettier than the windoze one, it’s plain)

(valarking) #19

My boooring Windoze desktop.
Notice the menacing Morrowing icon. Now, notice my drop in posting recently. See a connection? :wink:

(scrappy) #20

this is my desktop, enjoy :slight_smile:

try this link if the first didn’t work.