Desperate Getaway

I used one of my game characters for this scene. That is why the fingers etc. are not detailed.:yes: It is quite a basic scene. Anyway…what do you think.


Weapon textures are good :slight_smile: In general, all the models are way too simple. And composition wise, I don’t really get it. Which way is he running? What is that hole looking out into outer space?

Don’t get me wrong, I have this same problem, but you don’t need to post on BA every single render you make in Blender. I see this shot as a WIP of what could turn out to be a great scene. After more detailing on the character, smoothing the weapons, modeling a better background etc etc, then this would be worth putting in the Finished Projects forum.

Keep blending, and Merry Christmas!

I tryed smoothing the weapons but it didn’t look good. As for the story. He is getting chased by something and jumps down a hole with lava in it.(thats what the orange light is). Remember, the character was intended to be simple because I wanted it to fit in with my game. And I don’t know what you mean by saying i post every work I do. This is the first work I have posted in a while. I haven’t takin your advice the wrong way. But the scene was intended to be simple and I only post my work sometimes.

I don’t know what you mean by saying i post every work I do.
Sorry I said the wrong thing there. Some people make stuff in Blender and just post every single render they make, while not actually putting much time into making them good quality. What I’m saying in this case is, this render could be better. Make sure that you’ve put enough work into the render before you post it in Finished Projects.

And don’t know if I said this before, but your textures are sweet.

O…I get what your trying to say now. Thanks for explaining:D