desperate modelling question

Hey guys, I know im still a noob and all but is someone able to do a couple of step by steps on modelling a car?, I KNOW I KNOW Its been done and Ive seen all the possible web pages out there The celica, Porsche etc, but I CAN’T DO IT!!! Its kinda urgant as Im doing a car club video and would like to include a car in it.

I’m after tips if possible, Im desperate!!! Thanks guys, any help would be massively appreciated.

If you are in a hurry, and its not a commercial project, why not use one of the free meshes you can download from places like turbosquid ect? If it gets you out of trouble…

Modeling a good car is not easy, and those tutes are about as basic as you can get. You need to be more specific and describe what kinds of problems you’re having. Do you need help with using Blender, setting up reference images, getting rid of poles, what?

Step 1: get blueprints (GIYF)
Step 2: set the blueprints up in top, side, front viewports using View>>Background Image
Step 3: Add a plane, position it near the centerline
Step 4: mirror the plane, so you only have to model half the car
Step 5: Extrude the edges of the plane and move vertices around to match the profile of the car in side view
Step 5a: Move vertices around to match the profile of the car in top view
Step 5b: Move vertices around to match the profile of the car in front view
Step 6: repeat step 5 until the model is finished.
Step 7: add some texture, work on lighting, make a render.

That’s the simplified version. More complete model a car tutorials are already available. If you must make the car yourself, first, calm down! Find a car tutorial, start working through it. When you get stuck on some specific thing, post a question here. Don’t expect to get it done in a day or two, either, if you are still learning Blender.

If a couple of weeks or more to learn Blender while modeling a car won’t work for your timeframe, then Roy’s suggestion is a good one.

I’m not a noob in modeling, but I don’t think I could do a car in one hour. If it is that urgent, then I’d buy one at DAZ or any of the content providers out there just to keep me out of trouble. IT IS SIMPLY NOT EASY to model a car, even if you are a not noob, let alone a noob.

OR you can download free ones out there if you search hard enough.:frowning:

Check out DMI car 3d models, they have a huge number of cars, trucks, military vehicles, you name it, for free. Most are in Lightwave format, so they should import nicely.

If you really need to make one on your own in a short period of time, a pretty good tutorial is at Wikibooks. Note that it’s not for Blender, it’s for Wings3D, but it’s very simple and straightforward. Of course, being simple, it doesn’t make much of a car, but it would definitely get you started. A lot of the concepts in the tutorial are applicable to Blender, or you could get Wings, do the tutorial, then export the result to OBJ and import it into Blender for detailing.

Thanks everyone for your speedy and detailed replies :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the car club i am doing it for is a holden car club (Australian car) so needless to say that pre made 3d models are a bit of a non-entity on the net, and to be honest I wouldn’t feellike i made it. I’ll give it another crack using ORINOCO’s method, ill post a screeny a little later and show you the probs im coming up with are.

Thanks guys