Desperately Need Advice for Modeling Hands.

Hey Everyone, I’m working with ZBrush and I’m attempting to figure out how to re-mesh a figure so I could import it to Blender for rendering. However, I’m having trouble with the hands…I don’t know the theory for it. I’ve looked up over a dozen examples but I still don’t get it, narf. :frowning:

Basically…Is there any specific formula I can use for the hands? What’s your method? What do you consider the best method? I’ve been working with this all day. :spin: I know that asking about something for ZBrush is a little off-topic, but the principles involved in re-mesh could apply anywhere.

Thank you in advance for some answers…you’ll probably preserve my sanity! XD


Well I think you should break down the basis of your model by asking these questions first:

Is your model realistic or cartoon?

Is your model going to be a still or animated?

Is it going to be for a game or just an image?

Once I know that I can determine what poly amount and model the hands I want to use from Zbrush to export as an obj file extension and import it into blender.

I want to say I’m not an expert on doing this as I’ve only done it once. I’m sure there are better methods but the questions are good to follow I at least think. (of course I could be wrong)

I want to export a reasonably detailed female hand for a comic-book character. I plan to keep the poly count down but at the same time I want enough polys so I don’t have to use a Displacement map for the rest of the detail. Something like a Daz3D figure (those don’t require Sub-D or Displacement maps for their level of detail). I plan to animate the figure for a series of still images.

I start by modeling 1 finger, then duplicating it 3 times, and positioning and scaling all the fingers. I usually put slight bends in the fingers. Then I make the thumb. Next I make the knuckles, and finally the rest of the hand. The inside of the hand is the trickiest part, so take plenty of time and make sure you get it right.

I like the Second Reality Tutorial.

He uses Max (I think) but the theory should be OK for Blender. To be honest, I do my modelling in Silo… but the only thing Silo does that Blender doesn’t in terms of topography is handle nGons. And I’m pretty suire you don’t need them for this:

Second Reality Modeling Tutorial

I started doing a side-by-side bake-off with a Blender artist on this… but we were doing the torso, not the hands. In my videos, I also have some downloads that have the finished hand if you just want to grab it and stitch it on something. It isn’t highly detailed, but it’s a pretty good starting point, I think.

Blender version found here: (I think)
achrystie’s Blender Tut

My Silo version (with downloads) found here:
Modeling Torso in Silo

Hope this helps save your sanity :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! The Second Reality tutorial is about what I’m looking for. :smiley: You’ve saved me from going to the nuthouse! XDDD

No Worries… glad you found it useful… the guy was TD on the movie 300… so pretty knowledgeable guy!

Be sure to check out achrystie’s vimeo page, because he goes through some stuff he did to make it work in Blender (there are some nGons at points you have to temporarily work around IIRC.)

Have fun!

This worked for me: